Goryeo Korean Dining restaurant offers guests an upscale Korean barbecue experience, including an indulgent, well-curated menu featuring a wide assortment of delectable banchan appetizers, premium imported meats for grilling, and centuries-old recipes offering a taste of Korea’s flavors.

With luxe accents featuring art pieces and fabrics inspired by the ancient dynasties of Korea, Goryeo’s stylish décor gives off a traditional and authentic Korean ambiance.  The restaurant is outfitted with four private dining rooms, making it an ideal place for smaller and more intimate gatherings and celebrations.  Modern and elegant tables are equipped with innovative smoke-free grilling technology for a truly enjoyable dining experience.

Apart from the world’s best soju and wine pairings, Goryeo also features innovative custom-made fruit wines for guests to take home.

For Reservations:

Call+63 2 555 5799

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Quick Information

Dress Code:
Smart Casual Attire

Hours Open:
Lunch: 11AM - 3:30PM
Dinner: 6PM - 11PM