Okada Manila aims to delight and excite our guests with memorable, fun and entertaining gaming experiences through Responsible Gaming.

We are committed to the prevention of problem and underage gambling in our resort.

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you may be at risk of developing a gambling problem:

  1. Did you borrow money to gamble?
  2. Did you gamble or lose more than what you can afford?
  3. Are you chasing losses?
  4. Are you lying about how money is spent?
  5. Are you gambling to forget problems?
  6. Are you neglecting your family, your health, or your basic needs for the sake of gambling?
  7. Have you considered illegal acts to finance your gambling habit?
There are two (2) types of exclusion programs:


  • You may exclude yourself from any gaming establishment operated and regulated by PAGCOR for a period of six (6) months, one (1) year or five (5) years.
  • A self-exclusion period for the first six (6) months is irrevocable.

Family Exclusion

  • Immediate family members such as spouse, child at least 18 years old or parent may request for a player’s exclusion for a period of three (3) months, six (6) months or one (1) year.
  • A family exclusion period for the first three (3) months is irrevocable.

To apply for an exclusion, please visit: http://www.pagcor.ph/regulatory/exclusion2.php .
Help is at hand if you or someone you know needs a listening ear or requires information and assistance on gambling problems.

Life Change Recovery Center
Dr. Randy Misael S. Dellosa
105 Scout Rallos Street, Kamuning,
Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City. 
Hotline No.: +63 2415 6529 
Website: www.lifechangerecoverycenter.com/
Email: lifechangerecoverycenter@yahoo.com

Roads and Bridges to Recovery
Metro Psych Facility
#520 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue,
MayBunga, Pasig City.
Tel. Nos.: +63 2643 6006/ +63 2643 6056 / +63 2640 8395 / +63 2643 5788

Cebu Metro Psych Facility
Upper Malibu Beach Street,
Subangdaku, Mandaue City
Tel. Nos.: +63 3234 42141 / +63 3234 42112 /+63 32344 2142
Website: http://metropsych.net/
Email: rbrcenter@yahoo.com
Pursuant to law and regulations, the persons stated below are prohibited from entering, staying and/ or playing in the casino gaming areas:

  1. Government official connected directly with the operation of the Government or any of its agencies.
  2. Immediate relatives (i.e. spouse, children, and parents) of government officials.
  3. Member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including the Army, Navy, Air Force of the Philippine National Police.
  4. Persons under 21 years of age or students of any school, college or university in the Philippines
    1. Exempted from these are the personnel employed by the casinos, special guests, or those who at the discretion of PAGCOR may be allowed to stay in the premises.
  5. Persons under:
    1. Self or Voluntary Exclusion Order;
    2. Family Exclusion Order; or
    3. Exclusion Order issued by the Okada Manila for banning in its own gaming area(s).
  6. For more information on Responsible Gaming please visit http://www.pagcor.ph/regulatory/responsible.php or email to keepitfun@pagcor.ph.