Ginza Nagaoka takes inspiration from the bustling sushi joints of Tokyo, Japan. Now set in the booming Entertainment City of the Philippines, Ginza Nagaoka presents itself as a prime destination for sushi lovers.  

An eponymous dining outlet of sought-after sushi chef and licensed fugu (pufferfish) specialist Junji Nagaoka, this exclusive ten-seat sushi bar gives diners a preview of his master craftsmanship in preparing delectable hand-pressed sushi and sashimi specialties.  Each slice and each bite comes with a promise of fresh and authentic Japanese flavors.

Chef Nagaoka personally selects all the ingredients from the finest seafood to top quality rice and condiments, and provides sophisticated sake and wine choices to complement the diner’s journey into a true Japanese culinary experience.

Reminder: Only guests 12 years old and above may dine at this restaurant

Ginza Nagaoka is temporarily closed from September 18 to further enhance the dining experience of our guests.

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Quick Information

Dress Code:
Semi-Formal Attire

Hours Open:
Temporarily Closed