Football Fiesta 2018

Period Covered

This promotion shall be implemented on:

Promotion Period
6:00 A.M. of 13 Jun 2018 to
5:59 A.M. of 15 Jul 2018


Please refer to prize table below:


Match Categories No. of Matches No. of Draws No. of Winners/Draw
Group Matches 48 48 3
Round of 16 8 8 3
Quarter Finals 4 4 3
Semi Finals 2 2 3
3rd Place 1 1 3
Finals 1 1 3
  64 64 18
Daily draw prize of free play will vary based on odds which will be released at 10AM of the previous day of each match.


  1. Prediction prize of free play will vary based on odds which will be released at 10AM of the previous day of each match.
  2. Leaders will receive additional prizes in free play on top of their match prediction winnings.
Leaderboard Prize
Leader after all 1st match of the 32 teams 25,000
Leader after all 2nd match of the 32 teams 25,000
Leader after all 3rd match of the 32 teams 25,000
Leader after Quarter-finals 25,000
Leader after Semi Finals 25,000
Ultimate Football Master (Leader for the Finals) 100,000
Total 225,000

General Mechanics

Qualification and Eligibility Criteria

  1. This promotion is open to all Reward Circle members who hold a permanent membership card. Non-members and temporary membership card holders are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
  2. Earn qualifying gaming points by playing at gaming tables and/ or EGMs.

Promotion Date and Time

Promotion Period Location
After every World Cup 2018 game from 14 Jun to 15 Jul 2018 Try Your Luck area (Zone H)

1. Football Fanatic

How to Join
  1. Member must earn 50 gaming points daily during the promotion period to be entitled to a raffle ticket.
  2. Member can redeem up to a maximum of five (5) raffle tickets daily via membership kiosk.
  3. There will be drop boxes for each competing country. Member must drop his/her raffle ticket in to his/her preferred country or draw drop box.
  4. Cut-off of dropping of raffle tickets is 15 mins before each match starts.
  5. Raffle tickets can only be used on the day of the match and on the country the members bet on. Otherwise, tickets will be voided.
How to Win
  1. Tickets will be drawn from the winning team/draw drop box.
  2. Winners will be drawn right after each match in the Try Your Luck area.
  3. All wining members must proceed to Try Your Luck area and present their Reward Circle Membership card together with one (1) valid government-issued photo identification card to Casino Marketing team member for verification.
  4. Wining members who are not able to claim their prize on the spot may still claim their at Membership Rewards Counter within the next gaming day.
  5. This promotion will strictly follow “no membership card, no prize”.

2. Football Master – Match Prediction

How to Join
  1. Earning Period: 6AM of 13 Jun to 5:59AM of 15 Jul 2018.
  2. Member must earn 500 gaming points daily to join the promotion.
  3. 500 gaming points is equivalent to one (1) prediction voucher.
  4. One (1) prediction voucher is equivalent to PHP 1,000.
  5. Member can redeem up to a maximum of three (3) prediction vouchers daily via membership kiosk.
  6. Once they have the prediction voucher and odds have been released, member must proceed to football master prediction station/ Try Your Luck area to submit his/her prediction voucher to an assigned Casino Marketing team member.
  7. Casino Marketing team member will tag the member’s prediction in HALo.
  8. Casino Marketing team member will print prediction receipt.
  9. Cut off of submitting prediction vouchers is one (1) hour before commencement of each match.
How to Win
  1. All members who predicted the winning country will be awarded with free play.