Promo Period

  • Game Schedule: Monday – Thursday (1 PM – 9:30 PM daily)
  • Raffle Draw: Every Thursday (5:45 PM – 9:45 PM hourly)
  • Venue: Promotional Area near The Coral Lounge

How to Join

  1. There are two ways to join:
    1. By Circle Points deduction
      • Member may join using 1,000 Circle points deduction per game.
      • To join, member must print a kiosk voucher from Monday to Thursday, 6 AM to 10:45 PM daily, and proceed to the Promotional Area to play during game hours.
    2. By Invitation
      • Invited members must register from Monday to Thursday, 3 PM to 11 PM, at the Promotional Area near The Coral Lounge to claim their Lucky Dice game voucher.

How to Play

  1. Members must present their game voucher(s) to the Game Master.
  2. Game Master will hand over a cup with 6 dice inside.
  3. Member must shake the dice cup three times to shuffle and roll the dice.
  4. To win a prize, member must get as many 6 in one roll. Please refer to the sample illustration above.

Raffle Draw

Draw Time Prize No. of Winners
7:45 PM P5,000 worth of Free Play 3
8:45 PM P5,000 worth of Free Play 3
9:45 PM P5,000 worth of Free Play 3
10:45 PM P5,000 worth of Free Play 3
11:45 PM P5,000 worth of Free Play 3

  1. Raffle draw will be held every Thursday within the promo period.
  2. Raffle winners must proceed to the promotional stage within 3 minutes after the announcement.
  3. In case of a no-show, only one redraw will be allowed. If there’s still no winner after the redraw, prize will be forfeited.
  4. Member may only win once during the raffle day.
  5. All non-winning raffle vouchers from the drop box will be immediately disposed of after the draw.

Claiming of Prizes

  • For vouchers and gift items, prize will be given right after the game.
  • For Free Play, prize will be loaded to the member’s account within 24 hours.
Rewards Circle terms and conditions apply.