Promo Period

April 1 – June 30, 2019

How to Join

  1. Non-member must sign up for Reward Circle membership at any Membership & Rewards Counter.
  2. Upon earning first 3 Tier points within 24 hours from sign-up, new member gets a free Okada Manila umbrella.
  3. Upon earning additional 3 Tier points (total of 6) within 24 hours from sign-up, new member is eligible to play the Ring Toss game.
  4. Existing members may also play by deducting 100 Circle points from their account through any kiosk.

How to Play

  1. Member will be given 3 rings per game. No proxies allowed.
  2. Member must stand at the designated “ring throwing” area before start of play.
  3. Once set, member can start throwing one ring at a time. If a ring lands around the neck of a bottle, member wins a prize.
  4. Depending on the color, each bottle represents a prize. Please refer to the prize table below.
  5. Member may only play once within 30 days from sign-up date.
Color of Bottles Prizes
  Red One more ring
  Orange 100 Free Play
  Yellow 200 Free Play
  Green 500 Free Play
  Blue 800 Free Play
  Indigo 1,000 Free Play
  Violet 2,000 Free Play

Reward Circle terms and conditions apply.