Reward Circle Terms & Conditions


  1. Membership in Reward Circle (the “Program”) is open to qualified applicants 21 years old and above. Only individuals are allowed to become a member in the Program. Joint, family and corporate memberships are not allowed.
  2. The below parties are not eligible for membership:
    1. Patrons under 21 years of age or a student of any school, college or university in the Philippines.
    2. Government officials connected directly with the operation of government or any of its agencies and their immediate relatives (spouses, children and parents).
    3. Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force or the Philippine National Police and their immediate relatives (spouses, children and parents).
    4. Holders of Gaming Employment License issued by PAGCOR.
    5. Patrons barred by Okada Manila and/ or PAGCOR or any of its licensed casinos.
    6. Employees of Okada Manila (regular and casual),  personnel and associates of the following:
      1. Okada Manila appointed advertising and marketing agencies;
      2. Okada Manila vendors and contractors; and
      3. Okada Manila affiliated companies.
    7. Immediate relatives (spouses, children and parents) of Okada Manila’s employees. It shall be the responsibility of Okada Manila employees to inform their immediate relatives that they are not eligible to participate in the Program.
  3. Applicants must present an original and valid government-issued photo identification document and complete an application to register for the Program.
  4. The Membership Card is for the sole and exclusive use of the card owner and it is non-transferrable.
  5. Okada Manila has the right to confiscate any card at any time. Damaged cards will not be accepted for use and must be replaced at the Membership & Rewards counter. Okada Manila is not responsible for lost or stolen membership cards or any loss resulting from a lost or stolen card.
  6. Members can earn points for qualified transactions in the casino, hotel, spa, clubs, and at participating restaurants and retail outlets. Members can redeem points at participating locations.
  7. Conversion of points to cash is not allowed.
  8. There will be a charge for the issuance of a replacement card.
  9. Points and benefits are non-transferrable and can only be redeemed and availed by the member. The validity of the points is twelve (12) months from the date earned.
  10. By registering and/or participating in RewardCircle and/or any promotion, you irrevocably and perpetually consent to the use of your name, photographs, videos, and/or likeness for promotional purposes by Okada Manila and its agencies without compensation.
  11. Okada Manila has the right to communicate with members via email, SMS, telephone, direct mail and other channels.¬† A member may request to block any form of notification or communication relative to the Program upon member’s request at the Membership & Rewards counter. The said request must be in the form of a written request, signed by the member and delivered to the Membership & Rewards counter.
  12. It is the responsibility of the member to inform Okada Manila of any change of contact details. Okada Manila shall not be held liable for any loss incurred by the member due to member failing to keep their contact information up to date.
  13. Okada Manila has the right to share member data with business affiliates and partners for marketing purposes. Member’s data will not be sold or made available to the public.
  14. Okada Manila employees have the right to request a member to present a valid government-issued photo identification document in addition to his/ her Membership Card when making a transaction.
  15. Okada Manila reserves the right to modify, change and revise the rules, prizes, terms and conditions, and mechanics of any promotion with or without prior notice. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to postponement, temporarily halt, or terminate the promotion, and/or adjustment of the prize structure, type and distribution at its sole and absolute discretion.
  16. Okada Manila has the right to terminate the membership of any individual who:
    1. violates the terms and conditions of the Program, attempts to defraud the Program or illegally obtains or uses Program points;
    2. provides false or inaccurate information during membership registration; or
    3. violates the rules or code of conduct of Okada Manila.
  17. Usage of the Membership Card is deemed acceptance to the Terms and Conditions of the Program.
  18. All decisions of Okada Manila in relation to the Program and participation in the Program are final, conclusive and binding.
  19. The English language version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail; all other versions of these Terms and Conditions are only provided for reference. These Terms and Conditions supersede all previously issued Terms and Conditions.

January 2017