Updated 8/18/2020, 3:30PM

Mask On: 3 Life-saving Tips
in Using a Face Mask

Face masks have become an essential part of life in quarantine. It is now part of our wardrobe for a good reason. Multiple studies and experiments have proven that wearing a mask is an important practice to help prevent the spread of viruses and other harmful elements.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), masks must always be worn in public settings where physical distancing measures are hard to maintain. Wearing a mask will not only help you but also everyone around you. Heeding the following tips may help save lives—yours or those of your loved ones.

1. Proper usage
  • Before putting on your mask, wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer. This ensures that your hands are properly cleaned and protected against pathogens.
  • Put the mask over your nose and mouth. Make sure that your mask fits properly. Adjust your mask accordingly if there are gaps.
2. Avoiding contamination
  • Avoid touching the front side of the mask and only adjust or remove it through its strings.
  • Do not put your mask under your chin.
  • Replace your mask immediately if it gets damp or damaged.
  • Wash your hands after removing your mask.
3. Reuse and disposal
  • Dispose your mask right after use. Throw single-use masks into a closed bin.
  • If you are using a cloth mask, you may use a regular laundry detergent to clean it.
  • Keep a dry bag handy for your mask when you are in public. Zipper-sealed bags or paper envelopes are ideal containers if you need to take it off.
Always keep in mind that masks are not the only solution to protect us from COVID-19. Physical distancing measures and constant handwashing must always be observed to maximize safety and cleanliness.

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