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Welcome back to Okada Manila

A primer on a “true clean and true safe” stay

When we first opened our doors in 2016, we wanted the resort to be a place where Filipinos and international visitors can take in the revelries of modern hospitality and entertainment. We set out goals and strived to establish Okada Manila as a world-class destination, creating new experiences and iconic landmarks for guests from around the world.

Four years into our operations, we received the highest accolade in the hospitality industry from the Forbes Travel Guide’s 2020 Star Awards. This immense feat is largely owed to the patronage of our loyal guests and the complete dedication of our team members. This award comes with a great responsibility to look after the people who have been instrumental in our success, most especially during these challenging times.

As we prepare to open our doors once again, we came up with our “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart.” (3T) campaign that aims to provide our guests a safe and memorable stay. We went back to our roots and channeled the same ambitions we had in the early days of Okada Manila in 2016. Drawing from our core principles of magokoro (true heart) and omotenashi (sincere service), the 3T campaign is our way of ensuring that we can give our guests five-star experiences in the safest possible manner.

Our new operational protocols are thoughtfully developed and implemented in compliance to the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), the Department of Tourism (DOT), the national government, and the local government of Parañaque City. Recently, the DOT granted Okada Manila the Certificate to Operate for Staycations (CAOS), allowing the resort to operate in a limited capacity after thorough inspections and evaluations.

The 3T manual is the first of its kind among other integrated resorts in the Philippines in terms of handling health and safety in the time of COVID-19. This document will serve as a guide for all team members and guests who wish to be informed of the steps that we are making to keep Okada Manila safe and free from any harmful disease.

Our goal is not solely based on the implementation of new safety protocols so that operations can resume. We are driven to do more than that. We want to keep our guests and team members safe as they come back to Okada Manila.

The salient points about the 3T campaign are detailed in this document. Here, you will learn about how we keep Okada Manila safe and secure. From conducting health and safety training for our team members, facilitating COVID-19 tests, carrying out round-the-clock sanitation and disinfection, making use of special disinfection robots and PPEs, to having a dedicated emergency response team on site and having medical professionals on standby, we will keep on doing our best to prioritize your health and safety.

We are proud to establish Okada Manila as a world-class destination, acclaimed and well-loved for our iconic fusion of Filipino-Japanese hospitality. As we enter a new phase in hospitality and face the challenges brought about by the new normal, we will continue to keep this to heart. We can show this further through the 3T Campaign. With “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart.”, we here at Okada Manila guarantee that you have a safe and memorable stay.

Click here to access the full Okada Manila 3T manual.

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