Match 2 Win

Double Jackpot 

Promo Period

January 6 – February 26, 2021

Earning & Kiosk Voucher Printing Period: 6 AM to 5:59 AM the next day (Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Registration Time and Venue: Fridays, 2 PM – 7:30 PM | Membership & Rewards Counter near Kiapo
Game Time and Venue: Fridays, 4 PM – 8 PM (every hour) | The Coral Lounge


Matching NumbersPrizes
Two NumbersP500 in Free Play
Three NumbersP2,000 in Free Play
Four NumbersP10,000 in Free Play
Five NumbersP30,000 in Free Play
Six NumbersP100,000 in Free Play

How to Join

  1. Member must earn 20 Tier Points in a day to get a game voucher plus a freebie: P300 dining voucher or P100 gift voucher.
  2. Once qualified, member will print two vouchers (one game voucher and one kiosk voucher) at any available kiosk on the same day the points are earned.
  3. To register, member may proceed to the Membership & Rewards Counter near Kiapo every Friday and exchange their vouchers with the following:
    • Game voucher = Match 2 Win card
    • Kiosk voucher = P300 dining voucher or P100 gift voucher (choose one only)
  4. Maximum of 10 game vouchers and 10 dining/gift vouchers per member per day.
  5. Match 2 Win card will only be valid on the date and time it is registered. Details will be stamped on the back of the card.
  6. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The first 90 members to register will automatically get assigned to Session 1, next batch will play Session 2, and so on. Maximum of 90 members per session.
  7. Each Match 2 Win card is valid for one session only.


How to Play

  1. There will be five game sessions per day. Each session will be comprised of two rounds of play.
  2. Each Match 2 Win card will be used for two rounds of play.
    • Round 1 – member must select six numbers from 1 to 40.
    • Round 2 – member must select one number from 1 to 9.
  3. Member will be asked to pick the numbers before they enter The Coral Lounge.
  4. A Casino Marketing team member will check and validate the member’s Match 2 Win card/s. Once complete, the team member will stamp on the card/s. Only stamped cards will be accepted as valid.
    Note: If a member’s Match 2 Win card is incomplete or exceeding the required chosen number/s by the time the draw starts, the card will be forfeited.
  5. An Okada Manila representative will draw six numbers for Round 1 and one number for Round 2.
    • Round 1 – Member wins if at least two of the chosen numbers on his/her card matches the officially drawn numbers for Round 1. Please refer to the prize table.
    • Round 2 – Member doubles the prize if the chosen number on his/her card matches the officially drawn number for Round 2.


Claiming of Prizes

  1. Free Play will be loaded to the member’s account within 24 hours.
  2. All prizes are non-transferable, non-cashable, and non-exchangeable.

Reward Circle terms and conditions apply.