General Mechanics:

  • Members must be actively playing at any mass gaming table and electronic gaming machines during the promo period.
  • No points earning will be required for this promotion.
  • Using a randomizer, 3 active gaming tables and 5 active electronic gaming machines will be drawn every hour from 8:30 PM to 12:30AM.
  • Numbers of drawn gaming tables and electronic gaming machines will be announced and displayed on the screen at the promotional counter.
  • Premium Marketing team members will approach the member playing at the drawn tables and electronic gaming machines to award prizes.
  • If there’s no player at the drawn table or electronic gaming machines, a maximum of 3 re-draws will be made.


SessionPrizesNo. of Winners
8:30 PMDyson Supersonic Hairdryer8
9:30 PMDyson Supersonic Hairdryer8
10:30 PMDyson Supersonic Hairdryer8
11:30 PMDyson Airwrap8
12:30 AMDyson Airwrap8

Prize Awarding Mechanics: Table Games

  • Members who are playing at the drawn table will play a mini-game to determine the winner of 1 Dyson product.
  • Each member will pick 1 giant playing card. Member who gets the card with the “king” image will win the Dyson product and the rest will get a Php 1,000 worth of Sportsbook Bar Dining voucher.
  • If there’s only 1 player at the drawn table, they automatically wins the prize.

Claiming of prizes

  • Winner must be a Reward Circle member to redeem their prize.
  • If the winner is not a Reward Circle member, they will be required to sign up for a membership within 7 days from the draw date to claim their prize.
  • Items will be released immediately. There will be no Free Play option for the winners.
  • Sportsbook Dining Vouchers are valid for 14 days upon printing and may only be redeemed during the outlet’s operating hours.
Reward Circle terms and conditions apply.