Promo Period: November 3 – December 31, 2021
Earning & Game Voucher Printing Period: 6 AM – 5:59 AM the next day (Wednesday to Thursday)
Registration Time & Venue: Friday | 1 PM – 8:45 PM at The Coral Lounge
Game Time & Venue: Friday | 1 PM – 9 PM at The Coral Lounge


Main Game
P1,500 worth in Free Play
P1,000 worth in Free Play
P800 worth in Free Play
P500 worth in Free Play
P200 worth in Gift Voucher

Bonus Game (Multiplier)

How to Join

  1. Member must earn 20 Tier Points in a day within the earning period to redeem a game voucher.
    No Tier Points deduction.
  2. Maximum of 5 game vouchers per member per day may be printed at any membership kiosk.
  3. Game vouchers must be printed on the same gaming day the Tier Points are earned. Otherwise, it will be forfeited.
  4. Member is required to present their game voucher/s at the registration counter outside The Coral Lounge during the allotted registration time.
  5. Upon registration, member will be issued with a lanyard and a number. Once their number is called, member may proceed to the game area.
  6. Lost, misplaced, stolen, or destroyed game vouchers will not be allowed nor reissued.

How to Play

  1. Member must surrender their game voucher to the game master before playing.
    1 game voucher = 1 spin (Main Game)
  2. There will be a maximum of 6 sets of wheel at the promotion area. Strictly 1 player per set only..
  3. Premium Marketing host will assign each player to the available set.
  4. To play, member must hold the outer rim of the wheel and spin it moderately from top going downwards for at least 3 times to make a valid spin. Otherwise, member must re-spin.
  5. Once the wheel has made a full stop, member will get the prize corresponding to the section the arrow is pointing to on the wheel.
  6. After the Main Game, member will have 15 seconds to decide whether to proceed to Bonus Game or not.
    Note: If the member’s spin landed on “No Prize”, they are not allowed to proceed to Bonus Game. If the member got “Try Again”, they have a chance to re-spin the Main Game wheel.
  7. Member wins the corresponding prize/s after the Bonus Game.

Claiming of Prizes

  1. Free Play will be loaded to the winner’s membership account within 24 hours after each game day.
  2. Member may choose to use the Free Play in form of slot credits or promotional chips.
    • For slot credits, member should tap their membership card at any kiosk and choose Slot Credit. The prize will be automatically loaded to the member’s account within 24 hours.
    • For promotional chips, member must print a Promo Chip Voucher (PCV) from any membership kiosk by tapping their permanent Reward Circle membership card. PCV must be presented at the Cage counter with their membership card to claim the promotional chips.
  3. Gift vouchers may be claimed on the spot.

Reward Circle terms and conditions apply.