Promo Period: November 25, 2021 – December 31, 2022


Criteria*Referrer’s RewardReferred Member’s RewardTotal Reward
 588 – 887 Tier Points  P6,400 in Free Play P1,600 in Free Play P8,000 in Free Play
 888 – 1,287 Tier Points  P9,600 in Free Play P2,400 in Free Play P12,000 in Free Play
 1,288 – 1,687 Tier Points  P14,400 in Free Play P3,600 in Free Play P18,000 in Free Play
 1,688 – 2,087 Tier Points  P20,000 in Free Play P5,000 in Free Play P25,000 in Free Play
 2,088 – 2,487 Tier Points P26,400 in Free Play P6,600 in Free Play P33,000 in Free Play
 2,488 – 2,887 Tier Points P30,400 in Free Play P7,600 in Free Play P38,000 in Free Play
 2,888 – 3,887 Tier Points P36,000 in Free Play P9,000 in Free Play P45,000 in Free Play
 3,888 – 5,887 Tier Points P60,000 in Free Play P15,000 in Free Play P75,000 in Free Play
 5,888 – 8,887 Tier Points P104,000 in Free Play P26,000 in Free Play P130,000 in Free Play
 8,888 – 18,887 Tier Points P160,000 in Free Play P40,000 in Free Play P200,000 in Free Play
 18,888 – 28,887 Tier Points P256,000 in Free Play P64,000 in Free Play P320,000 in Free Play
 28,888 – 38,887 Tier Points P400,000 in Free Play P100,000 in Free Play P500,000 in Free Play
 38,888 – 49,999 Tier Points P600,000 in Free Play P150,000 in Free Play P750,000 in Free Play
 50,000 Tier Points and above P800,000 in Free Play P200,000 in Free Play P1,000,000 in Free Play

*Referred member must earn the required Tier Points within 30 days from sign-up date.
Only base Tier Points will be counted; bonus points are excluded.

How to Join

  1. All current Reward Circle members are qualified to join the promo.
  2. Refer as many friends as you can (non-members) and have them sign up for Reward Circle.
  3. Enjoy rewards when your referred applicant successfully registers to the program and earns Tier Points within the first 30 days of membership.

How to Refer

  1. If you (referrer) are present during the application:
    • Fill out the referral form and read the terms and conditions of the program.
    • Tick “Present” on the form.
    • Referred applicant must sign the waiver agreeing that Okada Manila will link their account to your account as the referrer.
  2. If you are not present during the application:
    • Referred applicant must fill out the referral form and read the terms and conditions of the program.
    • Applicant will be asked to provide the complete name and membership number or date of birth of the referrer for proper identification.
    • Applicant must tick “Absent” on the form.
    • Applicant must sign the waiver agreeing that Okada Manila will link their account to the referrer’s account.
  3. Upon successful registration, referred member will be issued a Reward Circle membership card and may start earning points at Okada Manila.

Tier Points Earning

  1. A Reward Circle member can earn Tier Points exclusively through gaming activity.
  2. Once the referred member earns at least 588 Tier Points within the first 30 days,both referrer and referred member will get Free Play as reward (please refer to the rewards table above). Sign-up date is counted as the first day of earning.
  3. Maximum of P1 million in Free Play (combined amount) can be awarded to referrer and referred member once the criteria is reached.

Claiming of Prizes

  1. Rewards will be loaded to the referrer’s and the referred member’s accounts within 20 gaming days after the first 30 gaming days of the referral/sign-up date.
  2. Both will be notified through SMS that the reward has been loaded to their account.
  3. Both may proceed to any membership kiosk to redeem their reward.
Reward Circle terms and conditions apply.