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  • Onward and forward: Okada Manila team members in the new normal Onward and forward: Okada Manila team members in the new normal
    Onward and forward: Okada Manila team members in the new normal

    Seeing beyond by Enzo Taylor

Onward and forward: Okada Manila team members in the new normal
Onward and forward: Okada Manila team members in the new normal

In this series, we look at how Okada Manila team members have adapted under these extraordinary circumstances that we are in. By embracing our core values, our team members have developed new ways to live that exemplifies a “true heart” for service.

Enzo Taylor has been with Okada Manila for over four years as a visual graphic artist. In our conversation with Enzo, he talks about his life during the pandemic, the importance of service, and Okada Manila's newest projection mapping feature.

The interview that follows has been edited for brevity and clarity.

How are you keeping yourself safe and healthy during the pandemic?
I keep myself up to date with safety guidelines provided by Okada Manila and the IATF. Regular cleanliness in the office and at home is now a must.

I've been doing home workouts, I play the guitar, and I keep tabs on multimedia and animation. I also enjoy playing online video games with some of my high school and college schoolmates.

Resumption of resort operations is now underway. How excited are you to be back in the job?
It's great to be back! My colleagues and I were excited to fix and finalize the resort's massive projection mapping feature at the Crystal Corridor. Our guests deserve a visual treat once they step inside Okada Manila. And now, we have projection mapping shows playing at the Fountain Foyer entrance to welcome them back.

In your own words, how would you describe magokoro or omotenashi?
To me, magokoro is being sincere, upright, and pure in intentions. While omotenashi means being of service straight from the heart. Both can be practiced by being honest in our daily activities or routines and making ourselves available to be of help to others in any way we can. 

What's a normal day like for you?
In a field of work that is technical and creative in nature, magokoro and omotenashi come into practice in a unique way. When I receive feedback and criticism in my work, I take them to heart sincerely and constructively for me to be able improve on it. When confronted with challenging tasks, I strive to be transparent and honest regarding the obstacles these tasks may pose. This way, I can help provide the best solutions in my work and be at my best in being of service to others.

Are there any lessons that you've learned over the course of the pandemic?
The biggest and most important lesson for me is realizing that the true luxuries in life are the little things that we did not give much value when we had them before: being healthy, being around our families, friends, and colleagues, attending mass, enjoying places, events, and celebrations, travelling, and many more. These are things we must treasure and stay grateful for.

Can you give us an example of a time when you had to help someone out during the pandemic?
I think what counts here are random little acts of help like having delivery riders keep the change, leaving tips, donating food and clothes, and delivering food packages to frontliners.

Tell us about a time you made an impact through service.
I believe I made an impact through service in having to provide my skills, creativity, and expertise to Okada Manila. Having to see your work displayed around indeed feels rewarding. Despite difficulties, I was able to face head-on the challenges I encounter with the support and encouragement of my superiors and colleagues. Every Okada Manila team member has made an impact on each and every one, whether guests or colleagues, and does not discriminate whatever difficulties one has.

What are you looking forward to as we reopen our doors to our guests?
I just really look forward to a time when everything returns to normal. We may not be there yet, but we will get there. I'm looking forward to a much safer, more vibrant, and amazing Okada Manila that people can enjoy.


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