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  • Okada Manila takes heart in the new normal Okada Manila takes heart in the new normal
    Okada Manila takes heart in the new normal

    New 3T campaign focuses on the health and safety of its guests and team members

True clean. True safe. True heart.
True clean. True safe. True heart.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES--- Okada Manila announces its 3T campaign detailing the resort’s proactive measures for health and safety. Drawing from its core value, magokoro (true heart), the “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart.” campaign assures guests a clean, safe, and memorable stay at the integrated resort once government approval to reopen the property is received.

All throughout the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), strict safety measures were implemented across the property in full compliance to the guidelines given by the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF), the national government, and the local government of Paranaque City.


“As we face the challenges of the new normal, we here at Okada Manila keep the safety and health of guests and team members our utmost priority. With 3T, we will do our best to keep the premises virus-free while providing five star experiences we have come to be known for,” President and Co-vice chairman Takashi Oya shares. As we pivot to lighter days, Okada Manila’s commitment to adhering to the highest safety standards will continue with “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart.”


Strengthened safety measures


Okada Manila is focused on applying bolstered safety protocols throughout the property. True to the pledge of safeguarding guests’ and team members’ health and safety, comprehensive training programs are being conducted for all of the integrated resort’s personnel to keep everyone prepared and equipped.


Those who enter the premises will go through thermal checks available at all designated entrances. Guests or team members who are confirmed to have a body temperature over 37.5°C will be guided to the assigned safe isolation area to receive proper medical assistance.


To affirm that all team members assigned to work in the resort are in good health, Okada Manila will also provide COVID-19 testing. Those with negative results will be cleared, while team members who exhibit flu-like symptoms will undergo the prescribed additional testing. A team member who tests positive will be given medical attention and required to self-quarantine. In the event someone displays serious symptoms and tests positive, the said team member will be escorted to the hospital to receive proper medical attention.


Physical distancing measures will also be firmly observed throughout the property. Guests and team members are required to have at least six (6) feet of space between each person. Gaming tables will have a maximum of three (3) players and floor layouts will be reconfigured for optimal physical distancing. Queuing marks and display signs will also be placed in public areas to guarantee these measures are followed.


Guests and customer-facing team members are required to wear face masks in public areas. Customer-facing team members are also obliged to wear face shields and other equipment whenever necessary. Okada Manila will provide these masks upon entering the property.


Sanitation and emergency protocols


Throughout the ECQ, the resort’s Security Emergency Services (SES) team has kept the property safe and risk-free by implementing strict foot traffic controls and safety measures. The 3T campaign ensures that extra care and precautions are taken as Okada Manila welcomes back its guests. Round-the-clock sanitation and disinfection of hotel rooms, high-traffic areas, and high-touch items such as seats, handles, remotes, elevator buttons, and Digivalet tablets will be carried out. Parcels and luggage will be sanitized in all entrances and touch-free hand sanitizers will also be available for public use.


Okada Manila is equipped with protocols to handle emergency situations in the resort to make sure guests can have a safe, worry-free stay. Medical supplies and cleaning equipment are sufficient and will be replenished constantly. Emergency and medical professionals are always on duty to maintain the safety of all guests and team members in the property.


Operations were suspended starting March 20 in accordance to ECQ guidelines. Since then, Okada Manila has turned its attention to safeguard its premises and ensure that the resort is safe and free from COVID-19. The resort will continue to abide by the government’s guidelines, work with the authorities, and observe pertinent data and industry standards to adapt best practices. The decisions and plans set forth in the 3T campaign are guided by the health and safety of every single team member and valued guests.


Once the opportunity arises, with “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart,” Okada Manila will continue to provide entertainment and excitement to the public. The resort will remain a world-class destination, recognized for its iconic fusion of Filipino-Japanese hospitality. All these and more in the safest way possible.

To learn more about our 3T campaign, visit www.okadamanila/3T.


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