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Okada Online Casino


You can top up your OkadaPay wallet with the following payment methods:

  1. Okada Manila cashier
    1. If you are in Okada Manila, please go to the casino cage counter to load up in real time
  2. Online bank transfer:
    1. If you’re not in Okada Manila, you may transfer up to P50,000.00 through online banking: BDO, GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, and other banks.
      1. BDO Account Number (PHP): 005390389914
      2. BDO Account Number (USD): 105390377606
      3. Account Name: OKADA MANILA
      4. In the “Remarks” section type in your Okada Manila (OM) account number
    2. To transfer more than P50,000.00 please enroll the Okada Manila account in your banking account.
    3. Take a complete screenshot that shows the successful fund transfer which should include the source account, reference number, mobile number and amount transferred.
    4. Send the screenshot along with your Okada Manila (OM) number, reference number and amount transferred to
    5. Wait for verification from Okada Manila that your account has been topped up. Good luck and may good fortune surround you.
  3. Okada Online Casino

If you are logged in on Okada Online Casino (OOC), you may transfer funds through Maya or Debit Card transfer

  1. Open the Okada Pay icon in the header (icon)
  2. Click the + icon in OKash icon to reload.
  3. Enter your desired amount and press Confirm .
  4. Click Yes to confirm your transaction.
  5. Please select payment method:
    1. Debit Card:
      1. Under the Credit/Debit Card menu, select Debit Card
      2. Input your card details and Confirm .
      3. Proceed to payment gateway
      4. Wait for the confirmation that payment is successful
    2. Under the E-Wallet dropdown menu, select Maya .
      1. Choose between Express Checkout or Maya QR for your payment.
        1. Express Checkout
          1. Input your log-in details for your Maya account. Press Log In to continue.
          2. Enter the OTP once you receive it.
          3. After reviewing your transaction, click Confirm to Pay .
        2. Maya QR
          1. Tap “Scan to Pay” at the bottom part of home screen of your Maya app
          2. Scan the QR code on the Okada Online Casino screen
          3. Click “Send Payment” or “Pay”

Wait for the confirmation that your account has been topped up. Good luck and may good fortune surrounds you

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