Choose Cashless. Choose Easy.

Cashless transactions are now made easier at Okada Manila.

Be a Reward Circle member and start enjoying cashless transactions using OKash by OkadaPay.

OKash is your digital wallet you can use anywhere at Okada Manila. 

1 OKash = P1.00

Stay, play, dine, shop, and relax—the choice is all yours!

Top up at any Cage counter now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I start using OKash?

A: Reward Circle members can start enjoying cashless transactions at Okada Manila with their membership card. Simply top up your desired amount at any Cage counter. 

Not a member yet? Proceed to any Membership & Rewards Counter and sign up for Reward Circle to get started.

Q: Where can I spend my OKash?

A: You can use OKash every time you stay, play, dine, shop, and relax at Okada Manila. Just look for the OKash sticker in participating outlets and enjoy hassle-free cashless transactions. Conversion rate is 1 OKash = P1.00


Q: How can I pay using OKash?

A: Present your Reward Circle membership card to the merchant to pay using OKash. The amount due will be deducted from your OKash balance. 

Q: How do outlets validate purchases using OKash?

A: To ensure security and validity of transactions, you will be required to enter your Reward Circle personal identification number (PIN) in every purchase.

Q: What if my OKash balance is insufficient for a purchase? 

A: To proceed with the purchase, you may use a combination of Circle Points, Lifestyle Points, and other forms of payment such as cash and credit card with your OKash transaction.

Q: What are the benefits I can enjoy using Okash?

A: Every time you use OKash, you will earn Lifestyle Points in your account. You will also receive exclusive promos and offers for choosing cashless with OKash.

Q: Can I withdraw money from my OKash balance?

A: Yes, you may visit any Cage counter or NRT to withdraw cash from your account.

Q: Where can I check my OKash balance?

A: You may check your balance at any Cage counter or NRT.