Variety is the name of the game.

Play for the biggest progressive jackpot in the country! With just under 500 action-packed table games and 70 gaming options linked in an Asian first progressive jackpot system, the Casino at Okada Manila is Entertainment City's newest and most exciting gaming hub.


One of the most popular table games, Baccarat involves betting on the hand that you think will have a total point of 9, or at least closest to 9. Betting options include Player, Banker, Tie, Player Pair and Banker Pair.

Three Card Poker

In Three Card Poker, you get three cards and if they turn out to be a better Poker hand than that of the dealer, you win. There is an exciting side bet called Pairs Plus, and the opportunity to play for a progressive jackpot with big winnings.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker can be a House-banked game or the player may choose to take the Bank and play against other players in the game. In this Poker variation, you get seven cards to make a two-card hand and a five-card Poker hand, both of which you must use to beat the Banker. 

Samurai War

In one of the simplest casino card games, the player and dealer get one card each, and the card with the higher value wins.


To win in Blackjack, you must be dealt a hand whose value is greater than that of the dealer, but without exceeding 21.

Texas Hold’em Poker

The “gold standard” of Poker games, Texas Hold'em Poker has you testing your skills against other players, battle against your peers, strive to dominate your table mates, learn to bluff, fold and raise your way to being king of the table. To win, you must make the best five-card Poker hand out of the player's two-hole cards and the five community cards (Flop, Turn, and River cards).


One of the fastest and most action-packed table games, Craps is fun to learn. You bet either with or against the roll of the dice.  You can bet on the single outcomes of the two dice rolled or on a series of rolls. Cheering on the shooter adds to the excitement of playing this game.

Let It Ride Poker

In this five-card Poker-style game, the player receives three cards and will combine these with two community cards to make the best five-card Poker hand.  As the community cards are exposed, the player has the option of letting their wager ride or backing out for that round.  Sweetening the deal is a huge Progressive side bet wager that is also available.


A variation of Blackjack, Pontoon offers a richer gaming experience with additional betting and winning options.

Sic Bo

In Sic Bo, three dice are mechanically tumbled in a clear glass dome. You can bet on the outcome of 3, 2 or 1 dice or any of the many thrilling combinations.


Roulette is one of the easiest casino games as it only involves choosing your lucky number. The dealer spins the Roulette wheel, which contains compartments numbered from 0 to 36. If the ball drops in your chosen numbered compartment, you win.

Progressive Texas Hold'em Poker

Similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker’s objective is to beat the dealer’s hand by making the best five-card poker hand using the player’s two cards (Hole Card) and up to five of the Community Cards (or Play the Board). Players can also bet on our Progressive Jackpot.

Black Jack Switch

In this Blackjack variant, you play two hands and the option of swapping the top card of each hand adds to the fun and excitement of the traditional game.

Lunar Poker

In this exciting Poker variant, you draw five cards and bet on a wide range of side bets: against the house, on your hand, on other players, on the dealer. You can exchange from two to five cards to improve your hand and win. Like all Poker games at Okada Manila, a large Progressive is available to wager on to strike it big.