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  • Baccarat Happy Hour
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Baccarat Happy Hour


Promotion Period: March 1 – 31, 2023
Promotion Venue: Maharlika Club
Redemption Date: March 1, 6 AM – March 31, 11:59 PM 


How to Join

●    All seated players with membership card surrendered to Pit Manager who have qualified bets of any type in the specific Baccarat game will share the prize. 
●    Participants must place a bet on the main betting area or side betting area:
      o    Game result must have two 3 with the same suit on either Banker or Player or both on its first 4 cards.
●    If there is no wager in the game (free hand), no prize will be given out. 
●    Standing player, unrated players, and bet riders will not be able to share the prize.
●    Maximum number of winners in each occasion of same suit of 3 - 3 will not exceed 5 on 5-seaters or 6 on 6-seaters. 


How to Qualify

●    Dealer must have same suit of 3 - 3 (Spade / Diamond / Heart / Club) on the first two cards of Banker or first two cards of Player or both sides. 
Example: Player side has 3 Diamond + 3 Diamond or Banker side has any cards or Banker has 3 Club + 3 Club and Player has any cards. 



Maharlika Club

Table Minimum Prize
PHP 5,000 PHP 12,000 worth of Free Play
PHP 8,000 PHP 22,000 worth of Free Play
PHP 10,000 PHP 30,000 worth of Free Play
PHP 25,000 PHP 80,000 worth of Free Play

Note: Seated and clocked in members will be sharing the prize. For example, a total of 6 rated players are qualified. PHP 80,000 / 6 = PHP 13,333. This will be rounded down to the nearest 100s. Prize will be PHP 13,300 per person.


T&C apply. 21&up. Keep it fun. Game responsibly.

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