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Ginza Nagaoka takes inspiration from the bustling sushi joints of Tokyo, Japan. Now set in the booming Entertainment City of the Philippines, Ginza Nagaoka presents itself as a prime destination for sushi lovers.  




Now set in the booming Entertainment City of the Philippines, Ginza Nagaoka presents itself as a prime destination for sushi lovers.  

An eponymous dining outlet of sought-after sushi chef and licensed fugu (pufferfish) specialist Junji Nagaoka, this exclusive ten-seat sushi bar gives diners a preview of his master craftsmanship in preparing delectable hand-pressed sushi and sashimi specialties. Each slice and each bite comes with a promise of fresh and authentic Japanese flavors.

Chef Nagaoka personally selects all the ingredients from the finest seafood to top quality rice and condiments, and provides sophisticated sake and wine choices to complement the diner’s journey into a true Japanese culinary experience.

Due to limited seating capacity, reservations are highly encouraged.


Edo-mae Sushi
Dress code
Monday to Saturday
5 to 11 PM
Locate restaurant
Junji Nagaoka
About our Chef
Junji Nagaoka

He has been enthusiastic not only about the culinary art of making sushi but also the in-depth study of Japanese cuisine.

Since 2000, he has worked at various luxury hotels in Tokyo, delighting diners with his specials. He has also obtained a license to handle and prepare blowfish, which is a rare feat even for seasoned sushi chefs.

In 2007, he opened Ginza Sushi Nagaoka with a business partner and subsequently sharpened his skills in making sushi, as well as deepened his understanding of the subtle art of hospitality.

With the chef’s outstanding skills and talent, in 2012, he was highly active in restaurants in Hong Kong and New York, as well as in an affiliate of the KO Dining Group in Hong Kong. In 2016, banking on the strength of his culinary experiences, he took part in the grand opening of Okada Manila with his own signature restaurant, Ginza Nagaoka.

With his passion in using nothing but the freshest Japanese ingredients, he offers truly exceptional sushi and other dishes. As a highly-skilled sushi chef, he has made it his personal mission to always give his customers an unforgettable dining experience in Ginza Nagaoka and enjoy the best nigiri they could ever have.

The chef has consistently delighted his customers with the artful way he meticulously makes nigiri in front of them—a sort of theatrical culinary performance for this one-of-a-kind chef.

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