Promo Period

March 16 – 29, 2020
Challenge Time: 10 AM – 5 PM (10 minutes at the top of every hour)
Designated Area: Pearl Atrium and Pearl Strip (Selected slot machines only)

How to Join

1. This promotion is open to all Reward Circle members with permanent membership card. Non-members and temporary membership cardholders are not eligible to participate in this promotion. 
2. To qualify, member must play any of the selected slot machines located in Pearl Atrium and Pearl Strip during the 10-minute challenge time per hour. 
3. This is a walk-in challenge where participants are allowed to play at any available slot machine in the designated area within the challenge time.
4. Only cash, cashable credits, bonus credits, or slot program credits will be accepted for this promotion.

How to Play

1. Before playing, participant must insert their Reward Circle membership card into any slot machine(s) within the designated area during the challenge time, and bet using cash, cashable credits, bonus credits, or slot program credits.
2. Each active slot machine will have a countdown of 60 seconds before the session starts. The official challenge time will be displayed on the Slot Machine Interface Board (SMIB).
3. All participants will be given 10 minutes of play. Once time is up, their winnings will be used as the basis of their score.
4. Participants are allowed to play at multiple slot machines using their principal and auxiliary membership cards during each session. Winnings of each card will be combined and will reflect as the member’s total score in the leaderboard.
5. Once the session starts, participants are required to place the minimum bet of the slot machine, multiplied by the number of lines/combinations available. 
6. Participants may cash out at any time during the session. However, if the membership card is not cashed in again within the session time, the participant will be disqualified. The total bet of the disqualified participant will still be included in that session’s prize pool.
7. Participants may opt to transfer to other slot machines within the designated area for each session. Winnings from the previous slot machine will be added to the current slot machine’s winnings.
8. All scores and rankings will be displayed on the leaderboard and on the SMIB.
9. The top 3 members with the highest amount of winnings will win the corresponding prize per session. System will automatically calculate the final prize per ranking, including a P10,000 initial prize pool, once the session has officially ended.
10. For this promotion, a total of 426 slot machines will be used and set in live production mode.

Claiming of Prizes

1. All prizes will be in form of Free Play and shall be automatically loaded to the winners’ account.
2. For the Lucky Draw, system will randomly select the winner among all the participants of each session except for the Top 3 challenge winners.

Reward Circle terms and conditions apply.