Updated 6/2/2020, 10:00AM

health and safety measures

Okada Manila maintains strict safety and precautionary measures against COVID-19, even during the enhanced community quarantine. The Coronavirus Crisis Committee, together with Okada Manila’s safety, sanitation, security, medical, and emergency experts developed protocols to prevent contamination of the property.

These measures are in place to ensure that the integrated resort remains a safe space for its team members and guests during the ECQ period. They will be modified after the ECQ has been lifted, and operations across the property gradually resume.

  • PPEs and other protective gear are worn by team members as required
  • Physical distancing and good hygiene practices are strictly observed
  • Safety and health guidelines are posted all throughout the property for everyone’s reference
  • Medical facilities and personnel – such as on-site doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other emergency personnel – are available 24/7
  • Telemedicine facilities for managing viral diseases are available 24/7
  • Temperature checks for team members are conducted twice a day
  • Hand sanitizers and disinfectants are accessible for use across the property

  • Team members enter the property only through designated entrances
  • Team members who have to report to work are quarantined for two weeks at a remote and isolated location at the property before being allowed to carry out service
  • Team members handling deliveries must wear full PPEs during every transaction
  • Delivery personnel are required to wear face masks and are asked to remain in their vehicles

  • Daily decontamination of the property especially in high traffic, kitchen, and dining areas
  • Regular chemical misting and disinfection of areas and facilities throughout and around the property
  • Regular disinfection of
    • items and equipment that are regularly used by team members
    • specific staff to protect them during the course of their duties
    • of delivery areas after items are dropped off
  • Regular disinfection and screening of packages that are brought into the property

  • Team members who exhibit symptoms of illness will be quarantined at a specific location in the property, and then escorted to the hospital
  • Team members who exhibit symptoms of illness are immediately required to wear a face mask, sterile gloves, and will also undergo disinfection
  • Medical staff, including the ambulance driver, assigned to care for team members who exhibit symptoms of illness are required to wear full PPEs
  • Vehicles used to transport team members to the hospitals are to be fully disinfected and quarantined for 24 hours upon return to the property

Okada Manila remains vigilant and committed to making sure that its team members are safe as they continue to work in the premises of the integrated resort. Moreover, Okada Manila aims to maintain the highest standard in the implementation of its for safety and health measures as it prepares to welcome its visitors and guests once the ECQ is lifted.